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Entrance Examination

The graduate school has both spring (April) and autumn (October) enrollment with prior entrance examinations in late August and early March, respectively.
Contact the Entrance Examination Dept. (nyushi@isc.osakac.ac.jp) of the university, for details including the date and qualifications for the examination.

Finding Employment

The expert knowledge and creativity acquired through daily research in the laboratory and presentation experiences of papers at academic conferences: this brings about a great advantage in finding employment. Compared with undergraduate students, graduate students have a higher chance of working in research and development and also have a higher rate of employment in large capital companies.

Comparison of company scale: graduate students found employment in larger companies than undergraduate students did.

Financial Support

Students can alleviate their economic burden by taking advantage of tuition exemption for honor students, various scholarship holders, and Teaching Assistants (TAs) employed by the university.

■ Tuition exemption for honor students

The top 20% high-achieving students in each grade qualify for a type-C scholarship (stipend). The other students qualify for a type-D scholarship (stipend).
* All doctoral students can apply for honor students, who can receive a scholarship (stipend) of \500,000 per year.

■ Teaching Assistant (TA)

A TA is an individual who receives a financial compensation by providing undergraduate students with technical advice in experiment or exercise classes and supporting the lesson preparation.

Privilege Amount Stipend/loan Quota
Tuition exemption
honor students
Type C
(Master's course)
\160,000/year Stipend 20% of students enrolled
Type D
(Master's course)
\80,000/year Stipend 80% of students enrolled
Japan Student
Type 1 \50,000 or \88,000/month Interest-free
5 students in each grade
Type 2 \50,000, \80,000, \100,000, \130,000, or \150,000/month Interest loan 3 students in each grade
Scholarships by
supporters' association
and Yudenkai
\500,000/year Interest-free
A few students
Tiger Scholarship
Nakanishi Scholarship
Other outside scholarships
Stipend One or more students in graduate school of engineering for each scholarship
Teaching Assistant One class/week \4,200 (master) \8,600 (doctor)
Stipend Number of persons to be recruited: 700

* Amount of financial support may be revised. Consult the university office to check it.