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What is Electronics and Communication Engineering

Research Target: Behaviors of electrons and holes in semiconductor, light and electromagnetic waves and their applications

Electronics and communication engineering is an academic field where researchers investigate the behaviors of electrons and holes in semiconductor, light and electromagnetic waves and utilize the results to develop electronic and optical devices. The ultimate goal of the research is to realize advanced information processing/transmission systems. Practical examples of such devices and systems include microprocessors, memories, wireless communication systems and optical fiber communication systems. Given the heavy dependence of today's information-intensive society on these devices and systems, electronics and communication engineering plays essential roles in innovating the social infrastructure.

In Pursuit of Advancing Electronics and Communication Technologies in Three Major Engineering Fields

The Division of Electronics and Communication Engineering consists of three major fields: "Optical and Electronic Device Engineering," "Photonics and Microwave Engineering," and "Communication and Network Engineering." The education and research programs are conducted in electronics/communication and related fields in pursuit of innovating semiconductor devices, optical devices, sensing technology, and communication technology.

■ Optical and Electronic Device Engineering

Students are encouraged to develop innovative optical and electronic devices that will play key roles in next-generation technology.

■ Photonics and Microwave Engineering

Students concentrate on their study to develop the most advanced application technology in the fields of photonics and microwave engineering.

■ Communication and Network Engineering

Students aim to support today's IT-intensive society with a wide range of information-communication network technology.